How does GastroRanking work?

GastroRanking is an index of restaurant reviews. We collect and convert all of the reviews and ratings on the internet into a single ranking.

The result obtained is like how we think when we have to value a restaurant. This is why it is really similar to the idea users get when they read internet reviews.

GastroRanking is calculated from an algorithm which is adjusted and recalculated daily. It contains really important criteria such as . We remove false reviews and we do not consider the sites where it is possible to give a review without previous registration.

It is not possible to get GastroRanking for every restaurant yet because a minimum of 5 customer reviews is necessary. Until this condition is fulfilled, the rate is easily manipulated, therefore it will not be calculated.

The variables taken into account for the calculation of GastroRanking are:

  1. Total number of reviews. The more reviews, the more reliability.
  2. Semantic Analysis.
  3. The influence of the user of that opinion.
  4. Antiquity / validity of the review. The more recent, the more valuable.
  5. Undervaluation: importance of the diferent paragraphs which refer to: food, service, atmosphere and price.

The final result will be a weighted index from 0 to 10, like the ones the customers do for the restaurants.

Analyzing all the information on the internet about a restaurant, GastroRanking provides more reliable, accurate and representative information in its ranking.